I am Claudia Fajardo and I am a jeweler Designer; I was born in Bogota-Colombia.
        My dream has always been to be a jeweler and since I was a child,

I used to create earrings, bracelets and necklaces with different materials

and resources that I have around me.
        Little by little this dream stared to become part of my reality. I studied
industrial design and focused it on jewelry, I devoted myself to learn, casting,
setting and design techniques, that was how my brand was born.
It has been 15 years since I made my first piece in sterling silver. As my
observation of shapes, colors and details in nature, it has become my
inspiration and the motor of my creativity. Each detail that I have found in
nature has led me to create unique pieces, making the color and texture the
protagonists of my work.
        Over time, I have dedicated myself to an ongoing search for materials that
provide color and make a great contrast with sterling silver. I remember the moment

when my design teacher Nuria Carulla in Colombia guided me in this pursuit until I

discovered a fascinating path that inadvertently became my brand´s hallmark, 

the connection between silver and woven pieces. This is the strong and distinctive

identity of Claudia Fajardo in the jewelry industry.
        I cannot describe how gratifying and satisfying this process has been; to be
able to bring ancient techniques used by our indigenous people and
combining them with a noble material like silver. The process results in a
design with unique value with an ancestral significance that has a deep
connection with different communities in my country, Colombia. 
The pieces are 100% handmade, with a variety of goldsmith techniques that
differentiate them from industrial processes. 
        With my brand we have reached different stages, national and international
trade shows that have allowed me to have access to clients from all over the
world and take my product to many different places. 
        I studied alternative materials for jewelry at the Corcoran College of art and
Design in Washington and since then began exploring the American market,
participating in design tradeshows in Baltimore, Washington, NY and Paris.

I have been participating in Expoartesanías, the biggest artisan fair in
Colombia, for 15 years.
        Traveling around different places has enriched me greatly as an artist. I love
to feel each city by visiting its markets, understanding its culture and finding a
variety of materials that can contribute to the process of creating my
jewelry. Each experience has been a fundamental part of my career as a jeweler.
        Currently my studio is in Bogotá where I have a great team made up of 12
people, most of them are single mothers head of family, who have been with
me for more than 10 years.